We are on Summer Holidays and will return in September! If you want to join our Dojo, please get in touch .

Supporting Us and Our Dojo



Helping Out

Who are the volunteers? We are a group of local people that are passionate about coding and sharing our knowledge.

There are many jobs involved in running a Dojo, from administration and registration to keeping websites and guides up to date. Dojos benefit from having volunteers with a wide array of skills, and you can help out in lots of ways.

  • Leading icebreaker activities
  • Designing fliers, posters, and other promotional material
  • Building or maintaining the Dojo’s website
  • Helping to set up the venue space for sessions
  • Fundraising and sponsorship
  • Welcoming and signing in Ninjas
  • Reaching out to recruit new mentors and Ninjas
  • Leading parents’ orientation sessions for newcomers
Surprisingly useful skill In-Dojo use
Public speaking Helping Ninjas with end-of-Dojo presentations, or preparing for events like Coolest Projects
Sewing Helping Ninjas with wearable technology projects, which often require sewing conductive thread into clothes
Music Helping Ninjas with a musical coding project, e.g. using Sonic Pi or Scratch
Electrics/electronics Helping Ninjas design or build hardware projects
Art Helping Ninjas design graphics, logos, etc. for their projects, or even entire websites
Woodwork/metalwork/ general crafts Helping Ninjas turn hardware projects from a jumble of wires and electronics into something that looks awesome (and is maybe a bit harder to break!)

We welcome all help and support and would love to hear from you if you can help with our club.

Sponsors and Donations

CoderDojo is a global, volunteer-led movement that organises free computer clubs for young people aged 7-17. There are more than 1600 clubs (Dojos) operating all over the world, creating opportunities for young people to explore technology and learn how to code. CoderDojo gives young people confidence, new friends, and valuable skills for the future, and it can open up new avenues for children who might not otherwise have such learning opportunities.

Providing Sponsorship

Dojos are organised, run, and mentored by volunteers, and since CoderDojo’s inception, all Dojos have been completely free and open to all young people who wish to attend. In order to allow this, Dojos have relied on the generous support of the communities in which they run.

Local businesses and organisations can help us in many ways including:

  • Sponsorship in kind: This can be, for example, donating old equipment to support our CoderDojo.
  • Fiscal sponsorship: A monetary donation to cover specific or general Dojo costs.
  • Provision of volunteers (mentors): To assist the young people during Dojo sessions.

There are many benefits to sponsoring our local CoderDojo:

  • Your logo and details will be featured on our Dojo’s website.
  • You will be able to reference your support of a growing global initiative that is supporting the digital creators of the future in your newsletters, reports and other publications.
  • You will help the young people in our community develop valuable skills for the future and new learning opportunities

Gifting Laptops and Equipment

If you or your organisation are updating or replacing your computers, laptops or network equipment; we would be happy to accept equipment with we can stretch a bit of extra life out of.

We will completely wipe any machines gifted before use.

Our wish list: 🎁

  • We will happily take any laptop with 8GB of memory.
  • Laptops with 4GB of memory that are upgradable.
  • Recent laptops with broken hard disks.
  • Unwanted Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, MicroBits or single-board-computers.