We are on Summer Holidays and will return in September! If you want to join our Dojo, please get in touch .

We follow the CoderDojo Charter as laid out by the CoderDojo Foundation.

CoderDojo Charter

For the purposes of this Charter, "CoderDojo" shall mean the open source, volunteer led movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs. "Dojos" shall mean the not-for profit coding clubs established to support communities and spread the philosophy of CoderDojo.

All Dojos are independent, autonomous, community groups set up to inspire young people to learn code. All Dojos have different styles of operating but they all hold the same ethos.

We commit to:

  • inspiring and supporting young people to learn how to create technology
  • the highest possible standards of child protection in our jurisdiction
  • not charging children attending nor their parents
  • encourage parent participation within our Dojo
  • sharing our knowledge for free (libre and open)
  • share our knowledge within our Dojo and to other Dojos
  • take care and uphold the good name of the global CoderDojo community
  • encouraging collaboration, peer to peer mentoring and project work between the attendees
  • welcoming volunteers and children regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, creed, religion or ability.

The CoderDojo Foundation (CDF) commits to:

  • act in the interest of the global CoderDojo community
  • facilitating the community to share its knowledge
  • sharing our resources for free
  • encouraging active involvement in our organisation