We are on Summer Holidays and will return in September! If you want to join our Dojo, please get in touch .

The CarrickDojo is a very busy and lively dojo and we are always looking for extra mentors to join our team of volunteers. It's a great opportunity to get involved in a fun, creative, and worthwhile youth movement.

If you have any coding experience or other skills that would be useful to our Dojo, and would like to apply to become a mentor, please email us or complete the get-in-touch form on our contact page .

Information on safeguarding and Garda Vetting requirements for our mentors is on our safeguarding page.

We have information on how you can help our Dojo and volunteer in lots of different ways on our supporting-us page.

πŸ˜ƒ Help with the setup and tidy up (a few minutes) is always welcomed.

Anyone who is passionate about technology and shares the CoderDojo spirit can be a mentor. The role of a mentor is not the same as that of a teacher or lecturer. Mentors help Ninjas work through problems and encourage their efforts rather than directly delivering solutions.

Dojos benefit greatly from the generosity of these individuals who foster the learning of young digital creators and explorers.

The CoderDojo approach to learning

In Dojos, sessions are not like school classes with a curriculum and an instructor at the front of the room. Instead, Ninjas are introduced to coding resources and materials, and given the tools to create and explore through project work. They get support from mentors to follow their individual interests by building their own projects, at their own pace.

Mentors facilitate a Ninja’s learning by helping them understand a new concept, the emphasis in CoderDojo is very much on peer mentoring and collaboration: the atmosphere in a Dojo is fun and social, and Ninjas can chat and work together; they are encouraged to provide support to younger children or beginners, and this builds positive relationships, communication skills, and confidence.

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There are lots of great reasons to be a mentor. If you would like to join our Dojo or find out more, please get in touch.

Email us at hello@carrickdojo.com or complete our web form. πŸš€