We are on Summer Holidays and will return in September! If you want to join our Dojo, please get in touch .

We are now on Summer Holidays! and will be open again in September!

Our Dojo is open to new Ninjas! Do you want to code something cool?

Our Dojo Meet-ups


Our Dojo is very lucky to be supported by Leitrim County Council and the Hive; and to have the use of their fantastic facilities for our meet-ups.

The Hive is a public space in Carrick-on-Shannon and Leitrim's Technology Enterprise Centre. We have access to super high speed internet access, overhead projectors and great spaces for teams to work together.


Are meet-ups take place on Tuesday evenings at seven o'clock with the exception of school holiday dates.

Our members are told about the events ahead of schedule and require tickets to attend.

How Much?

There are no costs to our members. CoderDojo is completely free and volunteer supported.

CoderDojo is committed to sharing knowledge for free.

Do I need to bring anything?

If possible, every Ninja should bring a laptop with them. We do have a few dojo laptops that we share with people who do not have one.

If your Ninja will not have a laptop, please let us know in advance.

Ninjas under the age of 13 need to have a parent remain in the venue. We have a nice area in the Hive for parents to wait.


If possible, every Ninja should bring a laptop with them. We do have a few dojo laptops that we share with people who do not have one.

Some of our Ninja's use tablet computers, however they are a lot more prone to issues logging in to Scratch or the Raspberry Pi Projects and Editor.

If you are thinking of buying a laptop, it is worth considering a refurbished laptop. Their are companies that refurbish laptops and often these will have higher specs than many entry level laptops. Buying refurbished is also good for the environment.

We don't endorse any brand or reseller, however the Irish site Elara.ie has a 'Refurbished Laptop Section' that could provide a starting point.

Memory is probably the most critical factor for entry level laptops and (in 2024) the recommended minimum RAM is 8GB .

We are more than happy to chat about these things at our meet-ups.

Online Accounts

We do not require Ninja's to have online accounts, however we recommend the following accounts for Ninja's in order for them to save their work.

  • Raspberry Pi / CoderDojo account - allows tracking project progress and saving projects in the Code Editor. This is a UK site operated by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
  • Scratch Account - allow saving projects on the MIT Scratch Website. This is a US website and contains limited social media features.


We need to maintain the right balance of mentors to Ninja's to ensure the safeguarding of our members.

Mentors are all volunteers and once we know their availability for a meet-up, we can issue the right number of tickets.

We have a Whatsapp group for parents, however we are more than happy to keep people updated through other methods if preferred.

Booking Tickets

Updates to Tickets

The CoderDojo Foundation are rolling out a new ticketing system that all the Dojo's can use.

For each meetup, we will create an event on the new platform and parents with an account can book tickets.

We also use Whatsapp to communicate with parents. If you would like to be on the CarrickDojo Parents Whatsapp Group, please ask at a meetup. We are more than happy to keep people updated through other methods if preferred.

Joining our Dojo

What is a Ninja?

Ninjas are the young people that attend the dojo. If you're aged between 7 and 17, then that's you!

At a Dojo you can do a bunch of cool stuff! As well as coding, you could be designing video games or websites, creating awesome graphics, building electronic circuits or high-tech clothing, or even making and editing films and music! Basically, anything related to computers in any way!

Also, you’ll be working with other Dojo attendees, presenting the cool stuff you make to your Dojo or a showcase events, and once you know what you’re doing, you can start mentoring other attendees!

Why are they called Ninjas?

A 'dojo' is somewhere that martial artists train, but really it's any place for any kind of immersive learning - somewhere to train a skill with others, and support each other and get better as a team.

Ninjas need to focus, work hard, and never give up if things get tough. This is how you become a master.

What is coding?

Code is the language of computers, including those in phones, cars, and even in lightbulbs! Learning to code is learning to talk to computers in their native language.

Can anyone be a Ninja?

Yes! Anyone aged between 7 and 17 can join our Dojo

Signing Up

Parents can complete the signup for our Dojo on the CoderDojo Foundation platform.

Our Dojo on the CoderDojo Platform

We will get in contact once we receive signup details.

Please email us if you would like to discuss joining our Dojo before registering.