We are on Summer Holidays and will return in September! If you want to join our Dojo, please get in touch .
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Projects are cool

What should I make today?

CoderDojo is all about creating cool projects! You can work on any kind of project you like at the dojo, so feel free to bring along anything you have already been working on!

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Getting started:

  • Ask another Ninja what their favourite project was.
  • Check out the Raspberry Pi Projects webpage where there are lots of great ideas and projects to follow.
  • Scratch is great. Some of our favourite Scratch projects are here
  • The Coolest Projects webpage have a showcase of all of last year's projects.
  • Our resources page has some interesting tools and links.

Making Website Projects for Our Dojo

Everyone is welcome to help with our Dojo website, maybe add a new page, fix a bug or just add a cool bit of CSS.

You can check out the Introduction to web: HTML, CSS, and animations on the Raspberry Pi Projects webpage.

The new Raspberry Pi editor allows you to make HTML and CSS files.

You can read our new website and how it works here. We hope to have some guides on adding to our site online in the next few weeks.