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There are lots of super resources on the Internet. Here are some of our favourites.

What else should be on our list?

Just like a big city, the World Wide Web is a place of countless people. There are lots of safe and cool places to visit, but also a few dangers that we need to learn about.

These are some websites used by web developers and designers.

These website are not primarily intended to be used by young people and some explicitly forbid it in their terms of use.

The Digital Age of Consent is the minimum age a user must be before a social media or internet company can collect, process and store their data.

The Digital Age of Consent in the EU is not consistent, with member states implementing a band between 13 and 16. In Ireland, it is 16 years of age.

Social media and internet companies require parental consent to collect the personal data of anyone under the age of 16.

Unfortunately there are huge unanswered questions around the data of young people and inconsistencies on the application of data protection rules.

We are not endorsing or recommending these sites; and have not checked their individual terms of use.

Ninjas should talk to their parents before signing up to any online service.

We know there are more than 200 million websites active worldwide, but it's difficult to determine a specific number of web developers worldwide.

There are definitely millions of web developers and some estimate there are over 25 million people developing and designing websites.

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Some Key Open Source Tools and Applications
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This is a tiny list of some key applications, it is highly subjective and there are countless amazing omissions.

What else should be on this list?

CoderDojo supports the open source community and all the amazing tools that people generously create for everyone to share.

Before installing any software, you should think about what you want the software to do and check the software is trustworthy.