End of Season Awards & Tracktion F1 Exhibition


Congratulations to all our Ninjas that earned their first award in the Carrick-On-Shannon CoderDojo this term. Belts were awarded to all our ninjas that have shown commitment and enthusiasm by attending to at least six Dojo sessions during our first year. On our last session before our summer break our Ninjas presented their projects for the Coolest Project Competition Awards, which is taken place this Saturday June 13th in the RDS in Dublin.

Also during our final session in The Hive we were delighted to have the TrackTion Formula 1 team who give a brilliant presentation on their work and their entry for the world’s finals of the Formula 1 in Schools Competitions. We wish them every success in this event which is taking place in Singapore from the 13th to the 16th of September.

We going to be busy planning all the activities and projects for our second year in CarrickDojo as there’s so much to do and show. We will be back in September and we want  to be back bigger and better than ever!

Thank you again for all your help and commitment through the year.

Here’s some pics from our last session:

Microsoft MasterClass & CarrickDojo New Term

Our next CarrickDojo will be starting next Saturday! Stay tuned to get your tickets tomorrow, Tuesday @4:00p.m. !! We have new projects to work with and lots of new ideas and challenges to face!

In our last session before Easter, on the Saturday 28th of March, we had a joint Dojo with BoyleCoderDojo. We brought XXI century technology into King House, the fantastic Georgian Mansion built in the early 1700’s.

Stephen Howell, Microsoft Ireland’s Academic Engagement Manager, came to give a lively and interesting master class about some of Microsoft’s coolest new tools. He gave us a demonstration of how the Scratch Sprite can be controlled by our body movements and we had some Ninjas playing the Space Invaders game, just by moving their arms left and right and putting their hands in the air! It was amazing, we all know now how we could start building our own Xbox Kinect games with Scratch. It was an inspiration that give us lots of ideas to bring to the Scratch sessions.

Stephen also showed us Microsoft’s new gaming creation environment called Project Spark and the latest game creation environment and the game development tool Touch Develop for creating games for touch devices.

It was a great day organised by Boyle and Carrick on Shannon on Coderdojo. The event was supported by Roscommon Leader Network and Bank of Ireland where around 60 Ninjas and Mentors from Carrick and Boyle together discovered new ideas and cool technology! Thank you all for supporting the event.

You can grab the code and have a play with Stephen Code HERE. Anyone got a Kinect we can borrow!?

Computer Donations

We would link to thank Dynamic Futures and Lisa Thorne, a London, UK client of one of our mentors for the very generous donation of second hand desktop computers which arrived in the Hive this week. We’ve got 5 working computers with decent specs and have installed fresh operating systems on them ready for use.


We need some peripherals so the ninjas can use them for coding so if anyone has any keyboards, mice and monitors lying around, please get in touch.

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Week 7

Scratch Beginners, Intermediate, HTML and CAD continued this week with around 43 ninjas in attendance.

A massive thanks for your very generous donations last week!

We plan to take apart a PC sometime soon to show our ninjas how computers work. More info soon.

Week 6

This week was the first of our second term. In an effort to satisfy more kids on our increasingly long waiting/registration list we released up to 50 tickets (up from 30).

Scratch beginners, intermediate and HTML classes continued and we added a 3d Computer Aided Design stream also.

HTML class started on the HTML/CSS stream on Codeacademy.com

See our Github account for examples of scratch projects built

Term Break Review

Our first five-week sessions have finished and we want to continue improving the sessions in CarrickDojo. We would appreciate it if you could please take a moment to complete a short survey at the link below:

Go to http://goo.gl/PtsbgL

REMEMBER!! We are not running this Saturday the 21st due to Mentor training. Our next session will be held on the 28th of February and we will be increasing the number of tickets for the next sessions, as well as introducing new programs.

We are now collecting your feedback to make sure we’re on track.  New changes for the next sessions will be announced next week. Please send us your suggestions! They are important to us.

Thank you all for your support and  looking forward to seeing you all in the new term !!

The CarrickDojo Team


Week 5

Scratch beginners, intermediate and HTML continued this week, the last of the first term.

It was announced that Ninjas can now win USB wristbands for attendance and levels achieved. Ninjas must request to be assessed for bands.

See our Github account for examples of scratch projects built.

Week 4

Scratch beginners, intermediate and HTML continued this week.

We added a second page with links between each in HTML class.

See index.html

See our Github account for examples of scratch projects built

Tickets Available at 4pm Tuesday

We’d like to announce that tickets will go on sale at 4:00 pm Tuesday for the next session. Please keep the following URL to book it.

This URL which will remain constant for all following sessions: www.CarrickDojo.Eventbrite.ie

If you set a reminder to visit the above URL at 4:00pm each Tuesday you won’t need to wait for an email or announcement via Facebook, Twitter etc. We  are trying to accommodate as many people as possible, however tickets will go fast as we have had huge demand.  Stay Tune!

The Carrick-on-Shannon CoderDojo Team

Week 3

Our third session went well today with our highest attendance yet, 35 ninjas! We had 3 areas, beginners Scratch, Intermediate Scratch and basic HTML.

Here’s the web page we worked on in the HTML group. An extension from the previous week:


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