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Week 7

Scratch Beginners, Intermediate, HTML and CAD continued this week with around 43 ninjas in attendance. A massive thanks for your very generous donations last week! We plan to take apart a PC sometime soon to show our ninjas how computers

Week 6

This week was the first of our second term. In an effort to satisfy more kids on our increasingly long waiting/registration list we released up to 50 tickets (up from 30). Scratch beginners, intermediate and HTML classes continued and we

Week 5

Scratch beginners, intermediate and HTML continued this week, the last of the first term. It was announced that Ninjas can now win USB wristbands for attendance and levels achieved. Ninjas must request to be assessed for bands. See our Github

Week 4

Scratch beginners, intermediate and HTML continued this week. We added a second page with links between each in HTML class. See index.html See our Github account for examples of scratch projects built

Week 3

Our third session went well today with our highest attendance yet, 35 ninjas! We had 3 areas, beginners Scratch, Intermediate Scratch and basic HTML. Here’s the web page we worked on in the HTML group. An extension from the previous

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Week 2

This week we introduced a basic HTML stream for anyone interested in building a web page or trying something different to scratch. 5 ninjas gave it a try and we built this basic web page: index.html

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