CoderDojo  Carrick-on-Shannon

Coder Dojo is a not-for-profit programme founded by James Whelton and Bill Liao in Cork and running in Carrick-on-Shannon since January 2015. It’s basically a computer coding club for kids, but in their own words – Currently running weekly sessions during school terms.

Coder Dojo was started to provide several things. Firstly an environment where interested youths can meet similar minded peers, learn new skills, participate in various activities and learn about all the areas of IT. In addition to this, Coder Dojo provides a syllabus of various areas of programming (iPhone dev, Web dev, etc.) to be completed and rewarded with various levels of ability. The syllabus is accompanied by relevant documentation so kids can learn outside of the sessions and reference it. Coder Dojo also provides competitions and events that recognises talent and allow youths to meet and see developers in action and learn more about careers in IT. Check the CoderDojo Foundation for more information.

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CoderDojo – Carrick-on-Shannon

email: carrickonshannondojo@gmail.com